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Beautiful beaches in Corfu

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Corfu with one of our speedboats.

The driver of the boat should possess the necessary sea travel knowledge which will guarantee that all passengers enjoy a safe and pleasurable trip on the boat.

The driver is also responsible for all matters that may arise.

The driver of the boat must respect the Port Authority Rules and the International Codes for avoidance of collisions.

The driver of the boat must possess a mobile telephone. He must protect the boat from possible damage.
Otherwise, he will be charged the cost for the damage incurred, and also for the loss of income of the company during the time that the boat remains under repair.

No refunds under any circumstances will be provided if the notice of cancellation is less than 48 hours.

Telephone and inform your time of arrival 30 minutes in advance so that we can arrange to be there for the return of the boat. Do not leave the boat unattended until it is returned to one of our employees. Control together with our employee the condition of the boat.